BibleSBC Pastorless List

These are churches that have been passed to this list as being pastorless.  The churches listed below are those that have a total enrollment of  at least 300 and/or are large enough to have a secretary. Accuracy is not guaranteed  so investigation is advised.  We pray that this is a help to pastors and churches. Please feel free to share updated information with us. 

Please Note: If a church requests "No Resumes" Please do not send them. They may be discarded, and nothing accomplished. Many churches get flooded, and others are not ready to receive them. When they notify us of a change we will post it. Thanks guys!

Remember Grieving over the loss of a leader, getting organized, deciding on qualifications, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance  and beginning a search takes time.   Most churches need at least six months to a year between pastors.  Please Remember this as you send resumes.

It is the purpose of our list to honor Christ and to assist churches and pastors


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 Last Update: August 26, 2015
WE Wish you and Your Family a Very Blessed Year!
Pray for Teachers and Students as they Return to School.

“We have a pastor; why is our name still on the list?” is a question which bothers us.   We depend on Directors of Missions, church secretaries, ministry assistants, church staff, and church members to keep us informed of changes. 

 Churches often ask to be listed, but seldom remember to tell us when a position is filled. Please Email Us when your Church fill a position.  

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Date   Church name ( location) SS Atten Information as reported  Source $Data Association
4/22/2012 Park Central-Dallas TX 115(110)  IIM J McLeod RH $536K Dallas/Rockwall   TB
1/2/2013 First-Woodway (Waco) TX 2398(2050)          Toby deceased JTS $3.9M Waco Region   TB
2/25/2013 McCarthy-Saint Joseph MO 380(310)     Dave Noble Int W&W $449K St. Joseph
4/16/2013 First-Kerrville TX 275(380)   Lay leaders in interim SBT No data Hill Country    Dual
8/11/2013 Agape Baptist-Ft. Worth Texas 185(203)     Dean Dickens  IIM DB $769K Tarrant
8/26/2013 Southmont-Denton TX 180(200)       Apps close 8-31 GL $600K Denton    TB
9/30/2013 First-Goldthwaite TX 192(165)      P Atkinson IP CC $379K Heart O TX  Dual
2/4/2014 First-Hawkins TX 125(175)                Dennis Parnell Int JTS $178K Smith     TB
2/21/2014 First-Springfield GA 375(420)~        Bill Bozeman IP   JTS JTS $811K~ Middle
2/23/2014 First-Gainesville TX 300~    Lynn Eckeberger IP LV $ ??~ Cooke   TB
2/28/2014 Layton Hills-Layton Utah 70(125) MP $209K Golden Spike
3/6/2014 First-Forest City NC 154(224)                  Bobby Morrow Interim ABP $460K Green River
3/10/2014 Clearview-Franklin TN 1330                      Eric Geiger Int JTS $3.66M Nashville
3/20/2014 First-Lenoir NC 136(250)                     Bill Leathers Int ABP $649K Caldwell
4/11/2014 Byne-Albany GA 337(317)                     To Oklahoma City BMO $2.6M Mallory
5/1/2014 Calvary-Roswell NM 112(85) BNM $157K Pecos Valley
5/15/2014 Thompsontown-PA 110(160)                    Keith Koch IP BL $231K Keystone
5/29/2014 First-Pauls Valley OK 154(150) ABA $391K arbuckle
6/1/2014 First-Huntsville AL 918(1019)     ABP $4.04M Madison  CBF & SBC
6/19/2014 First-ElDorado TX 88(95) ABP $246K Concho Valley  TB
6/26/2014 Parkside-Denison TX 522(573)        Jerry Coffman IP GBA $1.29M Grayson  SBT
7/1/2014 First-Eunice NM 66(82) BNM $244K Southeastern
7/6/2014 Dauphin Way-Mobile AL 550(650)       Blake Newsom IP CB $2.2M Mobile
7/6/2014 First-Muskogee OK 848(855)            To Mesa AZ ABP $1.85M Muskogee
7/8/2014 First- Lufkin TX 486(500)        Tim Watson, IP JTS $1.7M Unity    TB
7/12/2014 Harvey-Stephenville TX 176(246)                 To N. TX Assoc RG $335K Erath/NTx   SBT
7/25/2014 First Baptist-Darlington S.C. 157(197) ABP $540K WelshNeck
8/5/2014 First-Lavon TX 152(189)                Bill Townsley TP CBA $362K Collin    SBT
8/6/2014 Living Faith-Avon IN 75(156)      Steve McNeil IP WS $160K Crossroads
8/12/2014 First-Elkhart TX 59(80) LW $150K Dogwood Trails
8/14/2014 Atascocita Community-Humble TX 140(433)    (since 3-1-14) UBA $480K Union  TB
8/20/2014 Westpoint-Denver NC 214(270) BR $687K South Fork
8/20/2014 Lahaina -Hawaii 80(180)           High cost of living SBCN $192K Maui
8/21/2014 Wynnbrook-Columbus GA 572(826) TV $2.4M Columbus
8/29/2014 Spring Valley-Las Vegas NV 221(396) SBCN $287K S. Nevada
9/9/2014 Northside-Princeton KY 225(250) FOP $472K Caldwell-Lyon
9/14/2014 First-Charleston MO 90(100) TP $349K Charleston
9/14/2014 Mountain Grove MO 262(346) TP $428K Wright-Douglas Ozark
9/14/2014 First-Shelbina MO 103 TP $246K Bethel
9/22/2014 First-Josephine TX 105 JTS $229K Collin   TB
9/25/2014 Pickles Gap-Conway AR 115(150) ldw $316k Faulkner
9/25/2014 Tabernacle-Raleigh NC 150(191)~      Dane Hadley IP ABP $633K~ Raleigh
9/25/2014 Sandy Creek-Jetersville VA 103(216)    D Tucker  IP ABP $191K Middle
9/30/2014 Friendship-Litchfield CT 137(185) SB $272K W.Connecticut
10/1/2014 First-Sanger TX 290(320)         Nolan Duck IIM BS $980K Denton    TB
10/2/2014 Mill Creek-Fincastle VA 135(215) NO APPS YET ABP $347K Roanoke Valley
10/2/2014 Hephzibah GA 137(234) SB $377K Augusta
10/6/2014 First-Conroe TX 554(721)    NO APPS YET! JD $2.6M Tryon Evergreen TB
10/10/2014 First-Opelika AL 1924(2541)           To N. C.  JTS $4.6M Tuskogee
10/11/2014 Emmaus-OKC OK 497 (650) JR $No Report Union
10/16/2014 Emmanuel-Hyrum Utah 38(86)        Deadline 2-28-15 MP $109K Golden Spike
10.17-14 First-Oak Ridge TN 180(160) GBP No report Clinton
10/27/2014 First-Snellville GA 1362(1655) RG $3.8M Gwinnett Metro
10/27/2014 First-Winder GA 558         No Apps Yet Please! RG $1.5M Appalachee
10/27/2014 Guillionville-Albany GA 211(437) RG $1.2M Mallory
10/30/2014 First-Maysville OK 100 BMO $208K Arbuckle
11/1/2014 Garden Lakes-Rome GA 225(275)      Interim BN $487K Floyd
11/11/2014 Eastside-Marietta GA 635(715) JR $2.7M Noonday
11/13/2014 Lafayette Baptist-Fayetteville NC 465(250) BGN $394K New South River
11/18/2014 Long Hollow-Hendersonville TN 2657(1997)  Landrith died  of cancer WS $2.5M Bledsoe
11/21/2014 First-Tupelo MS 844(834)        To Missouri RA $2.0M  Lee
11/21/2014 First-Lipan TX 57(140) PB $194K Paluxy   TB
11/26/2014 Bullard Southern-Bullard TX 115(150) www.bullardsouthern.comTo Criswell to teach SBA $320K Smith   TB
11/30/2014 First-Camden AR 121(162) www, JP $577K Liberty
12/4/2014 First-Midland TX 1724(1750)    Todd Still, Interim JTS $9.3M Basin Network  TB
12/4/2014 Tomahawk-Midlothian VA 120(225)~ BNG $426K~ Middle District
12/4/2014 First-Roswell GA 483(615)      Kevin Head IP BNG $1.98M Roswell
12/8/2014 Second-La Grange TX 194(217)    IIM     No Resumes yet! TW $441K Gonzales  TB
12/8/2014 First-Hallettsville TX 101(125)    Ben Craver IP BS $149K Gonzales  TB
12/9/2014 Emmanuel-McLoud OK 72(120) BMO $193K Pottawatomie-Lincoln
12/12/2014 Bannockburn-Austin TX 990(1564)    DS No Data Austin   SBT
12/16/2014 Grace - Oxford AL 257(316)   NO APPS YET JR $634K Calhoun County
12/22/2014 First-Kerens TX 185(150) DH $254K Corsicana   TB
12/23/2014 Zion-Marietta GA 800(950) SBN $1.7M Noonday
12/23/2014 First-McMinnville TN 230(429) SBN $586K Central
1/2/2015 Tabernacle-Carrollton GA 450(435)          Glenn Dyer IP BGN $1.5M Carrollton
1/3/2015 Dunwoody-Dunwoody GA 511(761)        Allen Jackson IP BGN $2.75M Atlanta Metro
1/5/2015 First-Austin TX 211(350) BGN $1.5M Austin   TB
1/9/2015 Winnwood-Kansas City MO 152(297)            Brad Dixon Interim BNG $358K Clay Platte
1/9/2014 Hardy St-Hattiesburg MS 231(284)   O'Dell to Arkansas LR $945K Pine Belt
1/12/2015 New Hebron-Waskom TX 96 SL $257K Soda Lake   TB
1/15/2015 Mountain Vista-Farmington NM 76(85) BNM $161k San Juan
1/15/2015 First-Eunice NM 60(69) BNM $270K Southeastern
1/15/2015 First-Lovington NM 45(97) BNM $292K Southeastern
1/20/2015 First-Port Lavaca TX 160(200)  W Jackson IP  JTS $663K Guadalupe   TB
1/23/2015 Calvary-Cisco TX 76(123) LV $131K Tri-County   TB
1/23/2015 University-Ft. Worth TX 431(254)    IIM:   NO Apps Yet! LV $1.0M Tarrant   TB
1/23/2015 McQueeney Baptist-Texas 180(150) LV 230K Bluebonnet   TB
1/25/2015 First-Glen Rose TX 104(180)     Died 1-25-15 GW $700K Paluxy   TB
1/26/2015 Southeast-Muskogee OK 350(425) BMO $793K Muskogee
1/27/2015 Liberty-Bridge City TX 55(80) SBT $208K Golden Triangle   Dual
1/27/2015 First-Deer Park TX 355(437) SBT $1.14M Union    TB
1/28/2015 Aimwell-Zwolle LA 81(100) CC $236K North Sabine
1/28/2015 First-Mabank TX 150(305) CC $549K Kauf-Van   TB
1/29/2015 New Highland-Mechanicsville VA 184(266)    BNG $538K Dover
2/9/2015 West Side-El Dorado AR 325(320) WS $913K Liberty
2/10/2015 First-Kingstree SC 95(118) FOP $422K Williamsburg
2/11/2015 Gregg B Assoc. Longview TX ExD 47ch/7mis WS ?? Gregg
2/18/2014 First-Poteau OK 130(190) BMO $428K LeFlore
2/19/2015 Hickory Valley-Chattanooga TN 210(355) JR $382K Hamilton Co.
2/19/2015 Crescent Park-Odessa TX 200 DC $403K Basin Network    Dual
2/20/2015 Chapel Hill-Odessa TX 90(140) DC No Data Basin Network   TB
2/25/2015 First-Rochelle GA 165(195) SBN $337K Little River
2/26/2015 First-Warren TX 110(114)          Retired CC $296K New Bethel   TB
2/26/2015 First-St Petersburg FL 650 www, BNG $1.3M Suncoast
2/26/2015 First-Fitzgerald GA 220(250) BNG $631K Ben Hill-Irvin
2/27/2015 Pleasant Grove-Ozark AL 125(200 ABC $315K Dale
2/27/2015 First - Addison AL 166(146) ABC $225K Winston
2/28/2015 Metropolitan-Houston TX 955(2874)   Sal Sberna retired JR $7.1M Union    TB  & SBT
3/1/2015 FBC-Pleasant Grove AL 551(650) JTS $1.44M Birmingham
3/1/2015 First-Deming NM 174(228) BNM $277K Western
3/5/2015 First Southern-Yuma CO 80(99) SBN $210K Great Commission
3/6/2015 Ball Camp-Knoxville TN 210(225) BNG $475K Knox Co. 
3/10/2015 Chaplin-Kentucky 98(134) SBN $199K Nelson
3/19/2015 Calvary-Slidell LA 103(129) WS $274K Northshore
3/19/2015 Haltom Road-Haltom City TX 150(180) WS $389K Tarrant  TB
3/19/2015 Steven's Street-Cookville TN 675(1275) JR $1.9M Stone 
3/22/2015 First Baptist-Santo TX 80(100) JTS $230K Palo Pinto  SBT
3/24/2015 Fairview Baptist-Sherman TX 311 GBA $575K Grayson   TB
3/25/2015 Southside-Palestine TX 330(360)   To Montreal LV $765K Dogwood Trails  TB
3/25/2015 First Baptist-Weatherford TX 271(303)       Retiring LV $722K Parker TB
3/26/2015 First-Anadarko OK 200(230)    NO RESUMES YET! JC $468K Caddo
3/26/2015 First-Marlin TX 150(50) CC $185K Falls  TB
3/27/2015 Southside-Andalusia AL 237(254) ABC $602K Covington
3/30/2015 Lovelady-Ada OK 100 BMO $199K Banner
4/5/2015 First-Plano TX 589(552)  To TX Missions Foundation LV $2.2M Collin  TB
4/8/2015 McDonald Memorial-Orange TX 100(120) WS $313K Golden Triangle   TB
4/8/2015 Siloam-Easley SC 168(211) SBN $547K Piedmont
4/9/2015 Providence-Charlotte NC 1277(685)      R Paynter IP BNG $2.36M Metrolina
4/9/2015 Deep Creek-Oakland MD 43(80)      APPS CLOSED! SBN $124K Western
4/13/2015 Victory Life-Lubbock TX 300 (1025)          Randels deceased BS No report Lubbock Area   Dual
4/13/2015 First-Trenton TN 165(160) BN No Rep't Gibson
4/14/2015 First-Greenville TX 120(166) SBT $494K Hunt   SBT
4/15/2015 First-Jackson MS 1852(2000)     Resigned JTS $9.5M Metro 
4/16/2015 McGregor-Ft. Myers FL 1752(2636) JTS $6.2M Royal Palm
4/24/2015 Haikey Park-Broken Arrow OK 101(70) BMO $238K Tulsa Metro
4/24/2015 First-Jay OK 165(156)        Retired BMO $258K Northeastern
4/24/2015 Rock Creek-Shawnee OK 203(251) BMO $427K Pottawatomie-Lincoln
4/27/2015 First-Bridgeport TX 175(170) WS $570K Harvest
4/27/2015 Memorial-Killeen TX 547(400) CC $1.1M (None) SBT
4/30/2015 Bi-Fork Assoc.-Vernon TX 41 chs 1 m DM $ ??? Bi-Fork
5/1/2015 First Baptist-Lovington NM 45(97) BNM $292K Southeastern
5/2/2015 Bowling Green-Virginia 62 (129) BNG $241K Hermon
5/3/2015 Broadway-Lexington KY 277(391) WS $861K Central Network
5/4/2015 Western Oaks-Springfield IL 335(204)  Eric Reed IP  NO APPS! JR $324K Capital City
5/4/2015 First-Littlefield TX 158 (300)      To Corpus Christi LV $608K Llanos Altos  TB
5/4/2015 First-Conyers GA 849 (1236)                 NO APPS YET! JTS $2.63M Stone Mountain
5/5/2015 Bayshore-La Porte TX 169(237) RG $589K San Jacinto   SBT
5/6/2015 First-Mena AR 174(225) SBN $569K Ouachita
5/6/2015 Metropolitan-Hollywood FL 202(250) FBW $428K Gulf Stream
5/6/2015 First-Trenton MO 117(170) MBC $314K North Grand River
5/7/2015 Second-Lamesa TX 120(122)    IIM   NO APPS! TW $188K Lamesa  SBT
5/8/2015 McElwain-Birmingham AL 202(235) BNG $759K Birmingham
5/9/2015 First-Whiteville NC 225(230)    2011 data BMP $428K Columbus
5/9/2015 College Parkway-Arnold MD 80(100) BMP $315K Arundel
5/9/2015 First-Buffalo MO 76(120) MBC $137K Dallas
5/10/2015 Northeast-San Antonio TX 210(218) WS $452K San Antonio   TB
5/11/2015 First-Aztec NM 430(176)   To New Mexican as editor BMO $406K San Juan
5/12/2013 Barrington Ridge-Hobart IN 68(133) SBN $178K Northwest
5/13/2015 First-Munday TX 71(150) SK $230K Double Mountain Dual
5/13/2015 First-Electra TX 75(140) SBT $142K Wichita-A-C     TB
5/13/2015 Cornerstone-Lucas TX 161(400)               Tom Westbrook IP SBT $754K Cross Timbers SBT
5/13/2015 Munford-Alabama 301(340) SBN $465K Coosa River
5/13/2015 Lakeview-Belton TX 150(250) SBT $742K SBCT
5/15/2015 First- Friendswood TX 447(576) TD $1.59M Galveston  TB
5/24/2015 First- Monticello AR 272(357)   To Jonesboro WS $854K Bartholomew
5/25/2015 Lakeside-Mannfird OK 171(201)  To State Conv. JTS $254K Cimarron
5/28/2015 First-Austin TX 200(350) CC $1.5M Austin  TB
5/19/2015 First-Fayetteville NC 97(133) BNG $486K New South River
6/1/2015 Sugar Land Baptist-Texas 725(852)      Tragic death LV 3.5M Union  TB
6/2/2015 Midway, Dibble-Blanchard OK 77(195) BMO $240K Grady
6/3/2015 New Hope-Loveland OH 236(362) SBN $585K Cincinatti
6/5/2015 First-Brandon FL 2875(1602) JR $3.28M Tampa Bay
6/5/2015 First Southern- Bryant AR 438(473)~         NO APPS YET! BNG $977K~ Pulaski (2012 data)
6/6/2015 Arlington-Rocky Mount NC 163(183) SBN $364K N. Roanoke
6/8/2015 Mt.Pleasant - Carrollton GA 425(561)          Joel Southerland IP KS $1.0M Daviess-McLean
6/9/2015 Grace-Rogue River OR 110(180) SBN $152K Siskiyou
6/10/2015 Trinity-Livermore CA 329(372)   To Louisiana WS $1.48M Costa Mesa
6/11/2015 First-Navarre FL 182(304)                   Closed July 20 JT $498K Santa Rosa
6/11/2015 First-Shallowater TX 463(611)  To BGCT JTS $1.02M Lubbock Area   Dual
6/12/2015 Greensboro-MD 160(227) www.greesborobaptist.orgsbn SBN $327K Deleware
6/13/2015 North Naples-Naples FL 100~ SBN $??? Royal Palm
6/15/2015 Calvary-Lindsay OK 95(98) BMO $247K Arbuckle
6/16/2015 Calvary-Lufkin TX 117 SBT $403K Unity  SBT
6/17/2015 First-York SC 91(128)       To FBC Mobile AL JTS $360K York
6/18/2015 Dardenne-MO 65(100) FSBN $203K Twin Rivers
6/25/2015 First-Center TX 993(350)    Retired CC $988K Shelby-Doches  TB
6/26/2015 Wedgwood-Ft. Worth TX 816(908)      Meredith retiring JTS $2.9M Tarrant   Dual
6/26/2015 Gayton-Henrico VA  250(442)~ BNG $931K~ River City
6/26/2015 Fllint-Flint AL 84(100) www, RR $238K Morgan
6/26/2015 Rock Creek-Eva AL 128 RR $224K Morgan
6/29/2015 First Baptist-Tool TX 95(100) BMO $268K Dogwood Trails  SBT
7/1/2015 First Baptist-Jasper AL 424(440)   NO APPS YET! EB $1.59M Walker
7/2/2015 First Baptist-Gallatin TN 569(619)      To Jacksonville FL BNG $1.5M Bledsoe
7/5/2015 First-Giddings TX 98(140)   Mike Habermeil IIM MH $310K Independence   TB
7/8/2015 Sisters Baptist-Sandersville GA 136(175) CB $395K Washington-Osage
7/12/2015 First-Locust Grove GA 400(450) RG   $1.2M Southside
7/13/2015 First-Minco OK 146(200) BMO $314K Grady
7/13/2015 First-Elmore City OK 235(290) BMO $630K Arbuckle
7/21/2015 Valley View-Louisville KY 646(2039) WS $3.1M Long Run
7/24/2015 First-Commerce TX 154(200) JG $488K Hunt   TB
7/25/2015 First-Adair OK 95 (100) BMO $221K Craig-Mayes
7/27/2015 Central Baptist-Eureka MO 160(170) PMO $375K St. Louis Metro
7/27/2015 Mintz Baptist-Roseboro MO 101(170) PMO $235K New South River
7/27/2015 Greenwood-Midland TX 107(144) CC $655K Basin Network  TB
7/27/2015 First-Lorena TX 100(187) CC $251K Waco Region   TB
7/27/2015 First-Wellington TX 120(125) CC $366K Top O TX   TB
8/1/2015 First-Ada OK 493(725) BMO $2.06M  Banner
8/2/2015 First-Katy TX 559(676)~ JTS $2.5M San Felipe   SBT
8/4/2015 First-Geneva AL 105(181) WS $341K Geneva
8/6/2015 Myrtle Springs-Hooks TX 368(450) SBCJS $547K Bowie   SBT
8/6/2015 Sandy Ridge-Hickory NC 340(414) SBCJS $797K Catawba Valley
8/9/2015 Hunters Glen-Plano TX 1110(1250)    To Navy Chaplaincy JTS $3.8M Collin  TB
8/10/2015 Grace-Fayette AL 75(160) BG $186K Fayette
8/12/2015 Shirley Hills-Warner Robbins GA 643(676) Cook retired. JTS $1.7M Rehoboth
8/15/2015 Roswell Street-Marietta GA 1084(1250)   Easley to Union Univ WS $4.0M Noonday
8/15/2015 First-Irving TX 950(1100)~ www,              Resigned JTS $2.1M ~ Dallas/Rockwall TB
8/15/2015 Redbud-Lubbock TX 145(180) JV $388K Lubbock Area SBT
8/15/2015 First-Conyers GA 716(1105) JV $2.5M Stone Mountain
8/17/2015 Oak Grove-Cushing OK 193(230) BMO $592K Cimarron
8/18/2015 First-Nash TX 53(70) JT $212K Bowie   SBT
8/18/2015 Cross Pointe-Texarkana TX 90(108) JT $181K Bowie TB
8/20/2015 First-Duke OK 79(85) BMO $207K Southwest
8/20/2015 First-Sentinel OK 134(184) BMO $377K Concord Kiowa
8/20/2015 Beulah-Douglasville GA 422(567)  To Simpsonville SC WS $966K West Metro
8/20/2015 First-Hixson TN 250(???) JR $834K Hamilton Co.
8/21/2015 Walnut Creek-Diana TX 115(200) JTS $363K Harmony-Pitts  TB
8/23/2015 First-Ponca City OK 460(452)          JTS $1.3M Kay
8/25/2015 Madison Hills-San Antonio TX 140(142)~ DBA $331K San Antionio   TB
8/30/2015 Paramount-Amarillo TX 1875(1301)            NO RESUMES YET CC $3.3M* Amarillo Area    Dual
8/30/2015 Second Branch-Chesterfield VA 169(222)          Retiring BNG $696K Middle District 
9/30/2015 Forst-Clemmons nc 192(189)        NO RESUMES YET! BNG $658K Pilot Mountain
11/1/2015 Dell Dale -Channelview TX 90(109)     Open Apps Nov 1 RG $294K San Jacinto    TB
~ =not this yr
Vacancies filled since 7-27-15
First-Sedalia MO
241(322) Glenn Sparks is pastor W&W $620K Harmony
6/30/2014 First-Athens AL 502(552) New pastor from KY JR $1.9M Limestone
9/8/2014 First-La Vernia TX 235(375) Man in view "soon". GBA $624K Gambrell    TB
6/26/2015 First- Hartselle AL 339(346) Clayton Speed from AP at Trussville RR $1.2M Morgan
6/26/2014 First-Jourdanton TX 101(115) Wade Brand from Gribble Springs LBS $173K Frio River   TB
12/20/2014 West Bradenton FL 356(675) Sam Ranier in view of call Aug. 16 WS $1.14M Manatee
6/26/2015 Cave Springs-Decatur AL 179(250) Brad Doss is new RR $298K Morgan
3/27/2015 Mt. Carmel-Cross Plains TN 292(342) Tom Francis is new BNG $619K Robertson
12/5/2014 Wilkesboro-N.C.  335(326) Chris Hefner is new BNG $901K Brushy Mountain
2/5/2015 First-Martinsburg W. Va 121(232) Jeff McLeod up from co-pastor WS $447k Shenandoah
1/15/2015 Calvary-Las Cruces NM 199(382) Kevin Glenn from CO WS $750K Rio Grande
8/5/2014 First-Haleyville AL 335(381) Nathan Carroll from Geneva AL DD $478K Winston
1/27/2015 First Baptist-Sun City AZ 133(198) Kenny Long from CO WS $383K Central
12/8/2014 First-Haskell TX 163(83) Ollie Peirson from OK WS $274K Double Mountain TB
1/18/2015 First-Mebane NC 201(375) Bland Campell from Fredicksburg BNG $460K Mt. Zion
6/20/2015 Calvary Baptist-Columbia MO 65(85) Tom Stocks from BGA VA KD $282K Little Bonne Femme
2/11/2014 Bon Air-Richmond VA 1117(1440) Tom Francis is new ABP $3.3M* Richmond
6/14/2014 Arrow Heights-Broken Arrow OK 445(489) Andy Taylor from Ponca City BMO $1.44M Tulsa Metro
12/16/2014 The Glade-Mt. Juliet TN 1598(1197) JV $1.7M Wilson County
9/2/2014 Grand Community-Surprise AZ 80 (251) FOP $380k Estrella
3/30/2015 First-Skiatook OK 305(340) Heath Tucker from Sentinel BMO $853K Washington-Osage
2/25/2015 Flint Hill-Fort Mill SC 90(123) Wayne Deffinger is pastor SBN $233K York
3/31/2015 Genesis-Buna TX 90(100) New pastor from Nash SBT $270K Emmanuel  SBT
6/30/2014 First-Stephenville TX 375(890) Ken May is pastor LV $1.5M Erath    TB
4/10/2014 First-Mount Airy NC 147(207)~ Jay Meadows coming in September WS $527K Surry
9/15/2014 First-Simpsonville SC 1260(1984) Wayne Bray from Douglasville GA BC $4.2M Greenville 
9/29/2014 Pleasant Grove-Shepherdsville KY 109(150) Robbie Fairly is pastor SB $345K Nelson
10/3/2014 The Bridge-Shillington PA 139(90) Larry Baker is new pastor WS $207K S. Central


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