BibleSBC Pastorless List

These are churches that have been passed to this list as being pastorless.  The churches listed below are those that have a total enrollment of  at least 300 and/or are large enough to have a secretary. Accuracy is not guaranteed  so investigation is advised.  We pray that this is a help to pastors and churches. Please feel free to share updated information with us. 

Please Note: If a church requests "No Resumes" Please do not send them. They may be discarded, and nothing accomplished. Many churches get flooded, and others are not ready to receive them. When they notify us of a change we will post it. Thanks guys!

Remember Grieving over the loss of a leader, getting organized, deciding on qualifications, seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance  and beginning a search takes time.   Most churches need at least six months to a year between pastors.  Please Remember this as you send resumes. It is the purpose of our list to honor Christ and to assist churches and pastors. 





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Last Update: April 15 , 2017

“We have a pastor; why is our name still on the list?” is a question which bothers us.   We depend on Directors of Missions, church secretaries, ministry assistants, church staff, and church members to keep us informed of changes. 


 Churches often ask to be listed, but seldom remember to tell us when a position is filled. Please Email Us when your Church fills a position.
Remember all information provided to us is Public info
Date   Church name ( location) SS Atten Information as reported  Source $Data Association
8/11/2013 Agape Baptist-Ft. Worth Texas 185(203)     Dean Dickens  IIM DB $769K Tarrant
2/11/2015 Gregg B Assoc. Longview TX ExD 47ch/7mis WS ?? Gregg
5/13/2015 Lakeview-Belton TX 150(250) SBT $742K SBCT
6/6/2015 Arlington-Rocky Mount NC 163(183)                 Bill Grisham Int. SBN $364K N. Roanoke
6/8/2015 Mt.Pleasant - Carrollton GA 425(561)           IP Marcus Merritt KS $1.0M Daviess-McLean
7/26/2013 Tate Springs-Arlington TX 439(507)        INTERIM PASTOR TV $1.5M Tarrant    SBT
8/15/2015 Hillcrest-Lovington NM 105(92) BNM $263K Southeastern
8/30/2015 Second Branch-Chesterfield VA 169(222)       Jay Butcher IIM BNG $696K Middle District 
8/31/2015 First-North Myrtle Beach SC 145(547)                   Wayne Brown IP BNG $599K Waccamaw
10/1/2015 North Pointe-Hurst TX 155(195)         Nolan Duck IIM LV $567K Tarrant    TB
10/1/2015 Abingdon- VA 130(175)    Mike Poole IIM PD $408K Lebanon
1/3/2016 First-Mansfield TX 574(855)         Kyle Walker IP LS $2.0M Tarrant    SBT
1/31/2016 First-Tallahassee FL 675(1020)                  Review has started BNG $2.8M Florida
2/11/2016 First-Dalton GA 350(564) BNG $1.67M N. Georgia    GA & VA
2/18/2016 First-Monroe GA 413(550) BNG $1.3M Appalachee
3/3/2016 Memorial-Tulsa OK 435(375)     Jacob Bice IP BMOK $898K Tulsa Metro
3/5/2016 Trinity-Lexington KY 150(185)              Alex Kinchen IP BNG $285K Central KY
3/22/2016 First-Cameron MO 215(243)   Site off Dan Stamann  MBC $444K Heartland
3/27/2016 First-Ft. Lauderdale FL 876 (2012) JTS $6.0M Gulf Stream
4/2/2016 First-Cross Plains TX 198(195)           John Ward IP BNG $403K Heart of Texas   TB
4/14/2016 First-Canyon Lake TX 186(270)          Rob Partain IP BS No data Bluebonnet   TB
4/15/2016 First-Dripping Springs TX 235(195) BNG $400K Austin   TB
4/22/2016 University-Charlottesville VA 150(245)     Gary Dalton IM BNG $641K Central Virginia
4/29/2016 Easthaven-Brookhaven MS 267(362) WS $811K Lincoln
4/29/2016 First-Greer SC 240(290)             Doug Mize Interim JTS $908K Three Rivers
5/1/2016 First-Gulf Shores AL 336(787)      Data updated 2017 LS $1.3M Baldwin
5/5/2016 First-Jonesboro LA 155(175)            Stuart Toms IP ji $583k North Central
5/8/2016 First-Gilmer TX 385(420)                  Ed Hale IP JC $960K Harmony-Pitt  TB
5/10/2016 Hamilton Street-Kirksville MO 178(236)         Bill Victor IIM SBJ $375K Thousand Hills
5/22/2016 Trinity-Manchester TN 182(273   D Culbreth IP DRBA $450K Duck River
5/23/2016 Trinity-Idabel OK 125(160) BMOK $350K Frisco
5/25/2016 First-Arkadelphia AR 178(233)         Lynn Worthen IP DO $507K Red River
5/25/2016 First-Pittsburg TX 609(547)   Vote failed:still open RT $1.01M Harmony-Pitt  TB
5/27/2016 First-Weaver AL 114(173)           John Pruitt IP SL $347K Calhoun
6/6/2016 Union Avenue_Memphis TN 104(150) JTS $490K Mid South
6/9/2016 First Southern-Great Bend KS 77(92) SBJ $281K Central
6/13/2016 Oak Shade-Cleveland TX 60(175)  T-E $192K Tryon-Evergreen SBT
6/13/2016 Meadowbrook-Rockdale TX 130(111)  Close 7-31 SBT $283K Milam  SBT
6/15/2016 First-Coldspring TX ???                  R. Steel IIM T-E ??? Tryon-Evergreen TB
6/27/2016 Calvary-Durham NC 70(110)          Phillips is IP SBJ $255K Yates
6/27/2016 Willow Bend-Plano TX 140(130)~    D Loftis IP VS $475K~ Collin   TB
6/28/2016 Family Baptist-Trinity AL 109 ABA $520K Muscle Shoals
7/1/2016 NewSpring-Anderson SC 8762(31215)       Interim WS $48.1M    --- ?  ---
7/1/2016 Dawson Memorial-Birmingham 1850(2950)           Fenton retired BNG $8.7M Birmingham
7/2/2016 First-Claxton GA 60(100) BNG $309K Tattnall-Evans
7/7/2016 First-Daytona Beach FL 882(987) BNG $1.6M Halifax
7/11/2016 Faith-Knoxville MD 100(125) SBJ $483K Blue Ridge
7/12/2016 First Southern-Garden City KS 175                Elders SBDS ??? Western Kansas
7/22/2016 First-Etowah TN 67(120)       IP BNG $264K McMinn-Meigs
7/22/2016 First-Artesia NM 252(322) BMO $1.42M Pecos Valley
7/26/2016 Central-Clovis NM 588(583) SBT $1.75M Eastern
7/26/2016 Cropwell-Pell City AL 296(495) SP $912K St. Clair
7/28/2016 Emmanuel-Tuscaloosa AL 154(218) SBJ $552K Tuscaloosa
7/30/2016 Bethel-Roswell NM 75(94) BNM $255K Pecos Valley
7/30/2016 First-Tullahoma TN 340(512)      Hester retired MP $1.27M Duck River
8/1/2016 First-Cleveland OK 200(256) BMO $525K Cimarron
8/2/2016 West Albuquerque First 187(215) BNM $622K Central
8/4/2016 First-Ninnekah OK 90(99) BMO $303K Grady
8/5/2016 Sunnylane-Del City OK 300(280) BMO $412K Capital
8/8/2016 First-Centerton AR 564(709) SBJ $342K Northwest
8/14/2016 Mt. Olive-King NC 170(375) SBJ $389K Pilot Mountain
8/15/2016 First-Texico NM 102(110) BNM $363K Eastern
8/16/2016 First-Spurger TX 119(150) SBT $259K New Bethel SBT
8/30/2016 Calallen-Corpus Christi TX 103(180) DVZ $376K Corpus Christi TB
8/30/2016 Calvary-Pampa TX 383(275)           To WA state JTS $569K TopO'Texas  Dual
8/31/2016 First-Temple TX 785(909)            Randel Everett IP MM $1.6M Bell  TB
8/31/2016 Woodland Park-Chattanooga 702(1040)            Elders JTS No data Hamilton
8/31/2016 Crestview-Clayton OH 137(158) SBJ $335K Dayton
9/1/2016 Bethel-Alamogordo NM 300(475) BNM $1.08M Mountain Valley
9/2/2016 Grace-Asheville NC 140(134)               Steve Ackerman Int BNG $194K Buncombe
9/10/2016 First-Palestine TX 242(150)~       JTS $707K~ Dogwood Tr.  TB
9/13/2016 First-Lakeland GA 65(75) SBJ $184K Valdosta
9/15/2016 Covenant-Gastonia NC 78(94) BNG $311K Greater Gaston
9/19/2016 First-West Valley City UT 71(108) SBJ $226K Salt Lake
9/20/2016 Parkway - Mosley VA 521(885) SBJ $1.6M SBCVA
9/21/2016 First-El Paso TX No data               Mark Brister  IIM JTS No data El Paso
9/27/2016 Pleasant Gr, Mount City TN  81(160) MP $166K Watauga
9/27/2016 Bethany-Andalusia AL 180(256) SBJ $602K Covington
10/5/2016 Crossview-Magnolia TX 252(380)     To Florida JTS $1.29M Tryon-Ever  SBT
10/5/2016 First-Smithville TN 175 SBJ $269K Salem
10/6/2016 Potosi Southern, Potosi MO 123(173) BMOK $353K Mineral
10/10/2016 First-Wright City OK 52(85)        Site down BMOK $141 Frisco
10/15/2016 Wilmont Place-OKC OK 240(325) BMOK $673K Capital
10/20/2016 First-Blanchard OK 249(291)        To Choctaw BMOK $609K Union
10/25/2016 First-Cushing OK 153(250) RS $598K Cimarron
10/27/2016 Retama Park-Kingsville TX 111(133) SBJ $215K Kingsway  SBT
10/27/2016 First-Riverton KS 60(110) SBJ $112K Southeast KS
10/28/2016 First-Irtondale MO 80(133) SBJ $242K Mineral Area
10/28/2016 First-Port Wentworth GA 95(115) SBJ $268K Savannah
10/29/2016 First-Oxford MS 590(649)                   Don Gann IP JTS $2.8M Collabrative Net
10/31/2016 South Oaks, Arlington TX 222(250)           Wayne Shuffield IP BNG $906K Tarrant   TB
10/31/2016 Third-Owensboro KY 195            G Armstrong IP KWR $379K Daviess-McLean
10/31/2016 Allen Heights-Allen TX 106(170)~ VS $319K~ Collin     Dual
11/2/2016 First-California MO 177(200) W&W $338K Concord
11/4/2016 Hardeetown-Chiefland FL 71(125) FBW $278K Harmony 
11/6/2016 Wylie-Abilene TX 276(400)         NO MORE APPS! TC $930K Abilene/Callahan TB
11/7/2016 Sabino Rd, Tucson AZ 159(189)       NO APPS PLEASE JTS $495K Catalina
11/7/2016 Calvary-Winchester VA 87(110) SBJ $211K Shenandoah
11/8/2016 Cornerstone-Windsor CO 116(197) SBJ $336K Long's Peak
11/8/2016 Immanuel-Glasgow KY 116(140) SBJ $401K Liberty
11/9/2016 First-McAlister OK 369(466)  To Grady Assn/DOM BMO $1.03M Pittsburg
11/10/2016 Plaza Heights-Blue Spring MO 148(229) BMO $537K Blue River
11/10/2016 First-Waurika OK 73(98) BMO $176K Mullins
11/12/2016 First-Hempstead TX 75(140)      To Cana, Burleson TAR $389K Creath-Brazos SBT
11/13/2016 Siloam-Simms TX 65(93) JT $193K Bowie    SBT
11/13/2016 First-McKinney TX 1442(1837)~       To N. Carolina VS $6.45M Collin  TB
11/21/2016 Taylor Memorial-Hobbs NM 357(373)    To Amarillo RR $1.2M Southeastern
11/21/2016 Brookwood-Jacksonville NC 73(120) SBN $197K New River
12/2/2016 Mill Creek-Fincastle VA 140 (212)      NO APPS YET SBJ $358K Roanoke Valley
12/5/2016 Midway - Big Spring TX 75(150) SBT $244K Crossroads SBT
12/7/2016 Marble City-Sulacouga AL 129(175) SBJ $376K Coosa River
12/9/2016 Trinity Pines-Trinity TX 120 SBT No data Neches River SBT
12/11/2016 First-Merkel TX 105 FBK $321K Abilene   Dual
12/11/2016 First-Dexter MO 325(458) SBJ $1.9M Cane Creek
12/12/2016 N. Trenholm-Columbia SC 407(405)                   Joe Copeland IP DH $1.4M Columbia Metro
12/12/2014 Round Grove-Miller MO 187(266) BMO $420K Lawrence
12/13/2016 Lakewood Ranch-Sarasota FL 245(321) SBJ $673K Southwest Florida
12/14/2016 Richland Hills-Rich..Hills TX 107(120) NO APPS YET!  IIM BS $386K Tarrant   TB
12/31/2016 Indian Springs-Kingsport TN 578(880)    To State Conv Evangelism JTS $2.27M Sullivan
1/1/2017 First-Waskom TX 160(225) SBT $399K Greater E TX  SBT
1/2/2017 First Southern-Terre Haute  116(96) SBJ $200K West Central
1/3/2017 First-King N.C. 197(350) SBJ $700K Pilot Mountain
1/4/2017 New Home-Jamaica NY 100(175) SBJ $260K Metro NY
1/9/2017 First-Port Neches TX 267(289)   IIM sinced 1-16 Eckeberger JB $919K Golden Triangle TB
1/10/2017 Piney Grove-Atlanta TX 110(195) SBT $202K Enon  SBT
1/11/2016 First-Dorchester TX 86(133) GBA $186K Grayson SBT
1/12/2017 First-Tom Bean TX 53(84) GBA $186K Grayson SBT
1/13/2017 Temple-Gainesville TX 460(380)       Retired LJ $730K Cooke   TB
1/18/2017 Briggs Road-Columbus OH 131(148) (Not Calvinist) SBJ $330K Metro Columbus
1/20/2017 First-Slidell LA 376(528) SBJ $1.4M Northshore
1/23/2017 Westwood-Selma AL 105(120)          Pastor retired SBJ $288K Selma
1/26/2017 First-Shawnee OK 282(215)      To Nashville BP $570K Pottowatomie-Lincoln
1/27/2017 Gracepoint-Coppell TX 420 DBA No report Dallas  TB
1/31/2017 Trinity-Hammond LA 95(125) SBJ $250K Northshore
1-31=17 Friendship-Statesboro GA 98(186) GA $199K Ogeechee River
2/1/2017 First-Kenner LA 238(287)      To Texas SBA $904K New Orleans
2/1/2017 Pruitt Baptist-Van TX 159(158)    Retires Mar 1 SBA $541K Smith   SBT
2/1/2017 First-Mt. Washington KY 530(810) KY $1.64M Nelson
2/1/2017 Northside - Mayfield KY 101(130) GKY $343K Graves
2/2/2017 Frio River Assoc- Pearsall TX 46 chs    DOM search KC $ $$$ Frio River
2/2/2017 Friendship-Live Oak FL 133 No web site SFL $159K Suwanee
2/3/2017 The Crossing-Mesquite TX 99(136)        Multi-cultural SFL $304K~ Dallas/Rockwall TB
2/4/2017 Alameda-Norman OK 75(125)        Retired JR $181K Union
2/7/2017 First-Groesbeck TX 128(219)~   To Tennessee JTS $616K Bi-Stone   SBT
2/9/2017 The Crossing-Mesquite TX 99(136)~ DBA $246K~ Dallas   TB
2/12/2015 The Oaks-Grand Prairie TX 218(343) DBA $846K Dallas TB
2/14/2017 Smithwood-Knoxville TN 95(135)          Larry Fields IP BNG $447K Knox
2/15/2017 Fairfield Glade-F. G. TN 160(310) SBJ $519K Cumberland Plateau
2/15/2017 Glen-Glen St. Mary FL 381 SBJ $780K Jacksonville
2/15/2017 Colyell-Livingston LA 75(161) SBJ $278K East Louisiana
2/15/2017 First-Floydada TX 200(205) CBA $613K Caprock
2/15/2016 Moultrie-St. Augustine FL 75(112) SBJ $167K St. John's River
2/15/2017 First-Sentinel OK 107(135) BMO $33(K Concord-Kiowa
2/15/2017 New Life-Newalla OK 67(109) BMO $201K Pottawatta-Lincoln
2/16/2017 First-Clovis NM 40(63) BNM $136K Eastern
2/16/2017 Sandia-Albuquerque NM 262 BNM $1.07M Central
2/16/2017 Highland-Clovis NM 146(109) BNM $184K Eastern
2/16/2017 Denman Ave-Lufkin TX 394 UBA $1.25M Unity    SBT
2/16/2017 First-Los Alamos NM 194(154) BNM $658K Santa Fe
2/17/2017 First-Gretna VA 81(130) BNG $260K Staunton River
2/20/2017 Emmaus-Poquoson VA 198(166) BNG $400K Penninsula
2/20/2017 Calvary-Emporia VA 117(100) BNG $414K Petersburg
2/20/2017 Fairview-Lebanon TN 271(406) JH $844K Wilson County
2/26/2017 First-Orange Beach AL 70(130) JTS $221K Baldwin
2/28/2017 Chickasaw Trail-Davis OK 113(175) BMO $161K Arbuckle
2/28/2017 Brushy Creek-Taylors SC 766(851)       Retiring Feb. 28 JTS $2/7 M Greenville
2/28/2017 First-Winchester KY 101(125) BNG $317K Central KY
3/2/2017 First-Eastland TX 298(316) DG $914K Tri-cCounty   TB
3/2/2017 First-Norman Park GA 121(158) SBJ $243K Colquitt
3/2/2017 First-Vernal UT 51(60) SBJ $212K Utah
3/3/2017 White Plains-Scottsville KY 95(196)      DEADLINE 3-24 SBJ $300K Allen
3/4/2017 Friendship-New Concord OH 90(106) SBJ $138K Muskingum Valley
3/5/2016 First-Ballinger TX 112(121)         Retired BS $353K Lake Ivie   TB
3/9/2017 South Garland-Garland TX 156(130)         NO APPS YET SB $414K Dallas    TB
3/9/2017 Autumn Creek-Houston TX 80(200 Facebook UBA $404K Union   TB
3/13/2017 Chugach Assoc-Anchorage AL 28 churches RG ? Chugach
3/15/2017 Laughlin Community-Nevada 77(164) SBJ $253K South Nevada
3/15/2017 Mulberry-Houma LA 98(175( SBJ No report Bayou
3/15/2017 Life Point-Tyler TX 184 SBJ $254K Smith TB
3/17/2017 Forest Grove-Alachua FL 134 `SBJ $238K North Central
3/18/2017 West Point-Kannapolis NC 80(98) SBJ $185K Cabarrus
3/20/2017 First-Crescent OK 95(171) BMO $318K Central
3/20/2017 First-Mannford OK 70(90)   Apps close Apr. 16 BMO $200K Tulsa Metro
3/22/2017 Immanuel-Lawrenceburg TN 108(134) B&R $264K Lawrence
3/24/2017 First-Mulvane KS 220(280) SBJ $447K Heart of Kansas
3/24/2017 New Hope-Jamaica NY 92(180) SBJ $260K MetroNY
3/26/2017 Woodland-Phenix City AL 92(180) SBW $261K Russell
3/27/2017 Waynedale-Fort Wayne IN 184(309) SBW $311K Northeast
3/28/2017 Calvary-Windhcester VA 91(90) SBW $206K Shenandoah
3/28/2017 Antioch-Lillington (Mamers)NC 177 SBW $391K Little River
4/1/2017 Southland-San Angelo TX 367(456) BS $1.5M Concho Valley TB
4/2/2017 First-Newton TX 188(175)       Retired due to health JTS $347K Sabine Valley
4/3/2017 Church At The Mall, Laleland FL 2084 www,   Dennis retired JTS $7.1M S. Florida
4/5/2017 First-Argyle TX 70(95)   Gary Loudermilk IP GL $233K~ Denton  TB
4/13/2016 First-Mangum OK 55(85) BMO $184K Southwest  
4/13/2017 New Hope-Cleveland TX 35(55)      by request KA $90K Tryon-Ever  SBT
4/14/2017 First-Griffin GA 500(600) BNG $1.1M Flint River
4/23/2017 Henderson Hills-Edmond OK 2171(2422)               Newkirk retires 4-23 JTS $8.2M Capital 
                               PASTORATES REPORTED  FILLED  
8/24/2016 Oakland Hts-Longview TX 388(365) Michael Cook from Albuquerque WS $1.5M Gregg  Dual TB & SBT
8/31/2016 Parkway Hills-Plano TX 486(550) Josh Allen from staff at Bay Area, Houston WS $2.8M Collin   TB
9/13/2016 First-Fort Cobb OK 72(99) Steve Goodson starts in April WS $158K Caddo
9/26/2016 Northwest-Wauwatosa WI 121(145) Paul Springer coming from Chicago WS $287K Lakeland
10/18/2016 Porter Mem.-Lexington KY 654(831) Nick Sandefur from Kentucky Conventon WS $2.26M Central KY
10/26/2016 Grandville-Maryville TN 90(98) Milfred Minatrea from Texas WS $177K Chilhowee
10/28/2016 Beulah-Statesville NC 226(287) Brian Burges in view Apr 2 WS $725K South Yadkin
11/6/2016 First-Woodward OK 198(283) Jeff Barros is senior pastor WS $1.18M Northwestern
3/2/2016 First-Fairfield CA 129(285)~ Todd Jones is lead pastor WS $478K~ Redwood Empire
4/1/2016 First-Del Rio TX 73(154) Jesse Rodriguez is pastor WS $219K Del Rio Uvalde  TB
6/10/2016 First- Marion AR 499(650) James Nichols is pastor WS $995K Tri-County
6/23/2016 Broadman-Cuhahoga Falls OH 90(177) Steve Oswalt is pastor WS $177K Summit


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